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Project Support

How can GeoAlliance Canada support your project?

GeoAlliance Canada will support projects initiated and led by our membership that are feasible and will have a significant positive impact on the Canadian geo community.

This support can come in different forms, and will vary from project to project depending on need. Clear communication is required from the project team about the type of support they require in order for the initiative to succeed.

GeoAlliance Canada administers a dedicated budget for supporting projects financially. Projects applying for funding from GeoAlliance Canada must demonstrate resource commitment(s) from other sources at least equal to the amount requested from GeoAlliance. The maximum funding commitment GeoAlliance Canada will consider for a single project is $20,000.

Some other ways that GeoAlliance Canada may support projects includes mentorship and neutral oversight, access to contacts within and outside the geo community, and marketing/communications support through our channels.

If you have any questions about submitting a project, please send us an email to set up a phone call or video conference with a GeoAlliance representative, or contact us online with you inquiry..