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All your questions, answered.

What is a project?

  • Short-term, with a clear beginning and end
  • Clearly stated objective and action plan (critical path)
  • Defined target audience (not “everyone”)
  • Project team with tasks assigned
  • Resourced – or have a plan for resourcing
  • Has a budget

What kind of support does GeoAlliance offer?

  • We will connect you with potential team members, across the country and across sectors
  • We will put people with similar ideas in touch to reduce duplication and encourage resource sharing between organizations
  • We will provide a preliminary evaluation of your proposal and feedback to help you develop and refine your idea.
  • We will evaluate your plan to execute your project and offer some suggestions to improve your approach
  • We will support any funding applications you make
  • We will provide marketing and communications support through our cross-country, cross-sector distribution list and social media channels.

Who chooses which projects are supported?

The project review committee works with project submitters to ensure the ideas are as viable and as impactful as possible before making recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board has the final say about which projects are supported by GeoAlliance Canada.

I have an idea for a project. How does this work?

  1. Submit your project concept online; concepts are reviewed quarterly and feedback returned to the project lead.
  2. Using the feedback from the committee, reiterate and resubmit your idea.
  3. Provide secondary documentation as required.
  4. Work with a member of the project committee or experienced project lead to achieve your milestones, and report back to the committee on your progress.
  5. Submit a 1-2 page summary outlining what your objectives were, whether you were successful at meeting them, and any lessons learned.
  6. You may be asked to mentor incoming project teams.

Who can I talk to about my idea for a project?

Please write to to set up a phone call or video conference with a GeoAlliance representative, or contact us online with you inquiry.