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Community Led Projects

GeoAlliance Canada supports projects promoting access to high quality geospatial data, education and capacity building, and the development and promotion of a positive and articulate sector identity.

We are working with our members to develop a pipeline for projects to travel from initiation and team-building through to successful completion. We are committed to promoting the results across a range of audiences to engage partners within and outside the geomatics, geospatial and geography community.

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Sector Identity

SEctor identity

There is a need to communicate a more cohesive and compelling geomatics story in Canada. The public, business leaders and politicians need to understand the relevance and importance of geospatial information in our everyday lives: from the GPS systems in our cars to the geodetic framework that underpins geospatial information whenever a map is made or used in Canada to the satellites that are capturing data on our changing environment. There is a need to articulate an easily understood and compelling identity that creates a positive image with government and private sector decision makers, and the public at large – both at home and abroad.

Our Goal: An identity for the Geomatics Sector that is clear and well understood by senior leaders and decision makers and is viewed positively by the general public, and positions Canada as a leader in the global geospatial domain.


education and capacity building

How do we ensure we have the Canadian geomatics workforce and geospatially-enabled society of tomorrow? We must ensure the broader geo community has the skills training necessary to make effective use of geospatial information in their daily work.

Our Goal: A coherent geomatics education system from K-12 to post-graduate with an adaptive and proactive curriculum that: meets the demand for geomatics professionals and specialists to support Canada’s network of spatial data infrastructures; produces the geospatial data specialists with the skills needed to undertake geospatial data related research; and enables the range of candidate geo community practitioners with the skills they need to use geospatial information in their day-to-day work.

Data Access

Data Access

Canadians are using more geospatial data for decision making than ever before – and that use is growing. Through Canada’s network of SDIs, the geo community is able to fully realize the true value and potential of geospatial data assets. This is further accomplished as core data holdings in the network of Canadian SDIs are enhanced, enabling the effective use of all geospatial data sources. Assigning custodial responsibilities for maintaining and distributing core data helps to ensure confidence that the data being provided is Accurate, Authoritative and Accessible (AAA). While it is often viewed as the role of governments to provide AAA quality core data, it is important that the geo community expresses its requirements for core data.

Our Goal: Consistent and seamless access through Canadian SDIs to open, easily accessible Canada-wide authoritative geospatial data sets (land, sea, air, statistical, environmental, socioeconomic, etc.) that support policy and decision making needs of government and business, social and environmental policy, planning and management, and enable geospatial services.

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